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WhatsApp Bulk Sender WhatsApp Marketing Software which will include:

  • WhatsApp Bulk Sender PC License (Lifetime Access) (Depending on how many I buy based on uses)
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  • Video Tutorial on How To Use The Software and How To Get the best Out of It.
  • Ebook with instructions and right settings for running WhatsApp Campaigns

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We can provide you with fast & easy way for small businesses to reach out to their prospects & customers IS using WhatsApp Marketing.

We are a Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Company which provides WhatsApp Marketing Solution:

1. Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software which allows you to send unlimited WhatsApp marketing messages using text, images, videos and GPS Locations. Our software provides the best features & functionality which is unmatchable by industry standard ever. We provide complete guarantee for future updates.

2. Pay As You Go – WhatsApp Marketing Service in which you can buy WHATSAPP CHANNELS from us. And send WhatsApp messages to your list of contacts using our WhatsApp Marketing Software.

We are market leaders all across the globe in providing WhatsApp Marketing solutions since more then a year now. And have been the most robust company which has been able to provide the quickest and faster solution to all your WhatsApp marketing needs.

Our solutions are used all across the globe from countries such as US, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Dubai, Brazil, Spain, India, China, Malaysia and lots more.

Our clients range from online marketing & media companies to SMS Marketing Companies, SMEs like restaurants, bars, nightclubs, salons, spas, etc. to Professionals like doctors, real estate brokers, lawyers & attorneys. We also work with some prominent brands & NGOs to help them reach out their message using the power of WhatsApp marketing to larger audience.

Trusted by more then 900+ clients and counting…

What Experts Think About Our Software

Here’s what people who have already been using our software had to say…

Hey guys, I was very much curious & also at the same time had so many questions when I first reached you guys out.

But, thanks to your team who answered all my questions. Help schedule a demo & give me a working proof that I can promote my real estate business here in Malaysia.

After 3 months of continue and vigorous use of your WhatsApp marketing software. I have been able to build more relationships then ever, able to close more real estate deals then all my competitors around my area. And that's because I am the most aggressive marketer in my area then anyone else.

We have closed couple of million dollar deals in Malaysia and I can't thank you guys enough for making this software.

I had experimented with so many other WhatsApp marketing softwares, web-based tools, and services offered by companies. And everyone of them either did short term work. Or stopped working in the future.

Now, I feel much in control. And I know that my messages will be delivered on time, and I will receive the reports. I can even reply each of my prospects personally from the software which has made by life so easy!

My target is to reach out all the prospects in Malaysia and overseas using this software because the world is no limit now!

I wish you guys luck and hope you bring out even better products in future which you are always dedicated to!
Justin Chew / Real Estate Investor & Broker, Malaysia
He closed couple of million dollar deals in Malaysia and wants to now scale globally!
5.0 Stars

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Demonstration version.Test drive the software and see all the features & functionality.

What You Get With Standard License

Send with upto 2000 Channels per day giving you ability to send upto 18,000 messages per day.

  • Limited Sender Support (Upto 2000 Channels)
  • Limited Messages per Day (Anywhere from 10,000 to 20,000 messages per day)
  • Lifetime Free Future Updates & 3 months Free Chat/Skype & Email Support
  • Additional WhatsApp Filtering Service (CHARGED EXTRA!)
  • 1 Month Email Support

Get WhatsApp Bulk Sender Standard License For Only $1997


What You Get With Ultimate License

Add UNLIMITED Channels in the software AND send AS MANY MESSAGES AS possible using thousands of channels.

  • Unlimited Sender Support*
  • Unlimited Messages per Day*
  • Client Response Management (REPLY INBOX MESSAGES!)
  • UNLIMITED LAST SEEN Status Checker Management
  • FREE WhatsApp Filtering upto 200,000 numbers (ADDITIONAL FREE BONUS)
  • 3 Months Email Support

Get WhatsApp Bulk Sender Ultimate License For Only $2997


Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

We now support sending different message types to be sent in a go, so you may select Text and Image, Text and Video or any combination between Text/Audio/Video/Images/VCard. In addition to that, the product now has a VCard creator with picture support for a website link, phone contact and brand logo. With our enhanced Caption feature, you can set the caption of your Audio, Video and Images when sending a campaign. Exclusively for iPhones (most countries supported) your channels can now have a Sender ID as your brand name just like any Bulk SMS campaign you do with your brand name as a Sender ID, with a brand picture. Brand picturers are supported for Windows, Android and iOS users.

Most web based providers give you pricing based on the numbers you send, without filtering data. Research done with our customers show that only between 45-60% of these messages are delivered, so the cost per message is high.

The software license is a one-time purchase. You need to add-on the WhatsApp Check service for filtering numbers before you send. These are in packs of 10, 25 and 50 Million numbers.

If you have a list of numbers you want to target, WhatsApp Check Service filters numbers that have WhatsApp Installed. Ask your account manager for the WhatsApp Check Service Packs.

When you send an ad using WhatsApp Bulk Software, you may receive responses from users that you can reply to, in order to direct them to the right product or service.

No, we provide you the software, as a 3rd Party. WhatsApp’s policies do not permit the use of sending messages through their platform, which is a liability you carry as a brand marketer.

Yes we can, you will need to request this when testing our WhatsApp Check Service or Request a demo using the link below.

Over a 100 clients use this product from the US, UK, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Pakistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and more..

You can ask your account manager, due to customer confidentiality we are able to provide you 3rd party verified mobile data in your country at the cost of 0.002 pence per record.

Clients are required by law not to use the product for any type of harmful or inappropriate content. 3rd Party software terms apply.

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