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WhatsApp Bulk Sender was designed as a desktop tool for marketers, agencies, brands and companies who want to leverage the power of scalable WhatsApp marketing campaigns using an all in one desktop based WhatsApp marketing software.

Since, its main development started in 2013, till now. There have been lot of changes in the WhatsApp marketing space. There are so many other tools like BlasterBulkSender, WhatSender, Wapp Bulk Sender, Bulk WhatsApp Sender, Queensoft Turbo WhatsApp Sender, and so many other desktop based WhatsApp Marketing tools that entered the marketplace.

Parallel to this evolution of WhatsApp marketing space, came demands for purchasing, selling, buying WhatsApp Channels, whether you wanted couple of channels or you wanted a huge quantity of Bulk WhatsApp Channels, there came along lot of providers for Bulk WhatsApp Channels like WA Channels, Bulk WhatsApp Marketing, Bulk WhatsApp Sender, WA Bulk Sender, who started providing channels in large quantity.

But, as WhatsApp kept started learning about the behaviour patterns of most of this kind of WhatsApp Marketing Software, it become clear that the changes will be made by WhatsApp to detect these kinds of automated activities, and it won’t be in favour of developers who are working to develop these kinds of automation tools for WhatsApp.

Hence, a new wave of development started taking place. Where a desktop tool is evolving into a web based tool and then be able to manage the channels on auto pilot directly by storing the channels in a secure private space on your own web server.

With Web Based WhatsApp Marketing Script, and Bulk WhatsApp Reseller Panel came into the marketplace and being developed by some prominent developers like venomous0x’sWhatsAPI, and with new advancements of being able to imitate normal user behaviour activities using these kinds of codes available, the industry kept evolving into more higher versions and attritions of WhatsApp marketing. Whether people are looking for these kinds of desktop tools, scripts, panel, & tools for WhatsApp for advertising, promotions, blasting purpose. Or simply as a normal communication tool. WhatsApp Messenger with its nature of a simple yet intuitive messaging & communication tool is the best ROI for any marketers, resellers, developers & small to medium level enterprise who would like to get straight into their prospects eyes and grab attention with more engaging content.

List of Web Based WhatsApp Marketing Tools, Scripts & Software in 2019

  1. WhatsApp Panel
    WA Panel is world’s no. 1 most advanced WhatsApp Marketing Script with WhatsApp Business API Integration and WhatsApp Marketing API with Chatbots & P2P Channel Distribution Support.
  2. Wapp Bulk Panel
    WAPP Bulk Panel provides WhatsApp Marketing Service with API support for running bulk messaging campaigns without paying a huge cost for a one time purchase of your own script.
  3. WAPP Bulk
    WAPP Bulk is one of the most trusted and oldest developers of WhatsApp marketing solution, earlier one of the competitors with WhatsApp Bulk Sender providing desktop tools such as WAPP Bulk Sender, WAPP Bulk Turbo, WhatsApp Filter, and WART Registration Code Tool for Channels Registration. Now, provides services related to WhatsApp Marketing & TrueCaller Marketing with API support.
  4. Bulk WA Panel
    Bulk WA Panel is again a cheaper solution and white label version seller for WA Panel script. You can purchase the script via Crypto currency and also buy bulk WhatsApp channels.
  5. WhatsApp Bulk Panel
    WhatsApp Bulk Panel is WhatsApp Marketing Panel which can be used to run WhatsApp Campaigns and TrueCaller Campaigns. This script seems like another version similar to WA Panel with some tweaks & customization.
  6. WhatsApp Campaign
    This WhatsApp marketing company provides WhatsApp Advertising & Promotional Services majorly in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and most of the major south eastern countries
  7. WhatsApp Script
  8. WA Reseller
  9. WA Script
  10. WhatsApp Blasting
  11. WA Campaign
  12. WA Bulk
  13. WA Bulk Panel

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